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With standard features such as, 12HP HSD spindle ATC, linear tool magazine at the back of the machine with 8 toolholder forks or a carousel tool changer. This machine can work with 8 different tools. Yaskawa servos can maintain high speed and precision. The big steel tube frame will keep stability for heavy work loads




  • 9.0KW HSD ATC spindle, Change tools automatically. With Carrousel tool magazine

  • Thick steel pipe stucture afer special treatment,well welded, no distortion for whole structure high precision ,and long life time.

  • SYNTEC controller system with Ethernet interface,working without connecting with computer during working and easy to control.

  • Software:CAD/CAM designing software such as Original type3, Artcam

  • Auto lubrication system ,easy to operate by pressing one key.

  • Separated control system makes operation easily.

  • Adopt high speed YASKAWA SERVO motor and drivers,and two motors for Y axis. Max speed is 60000mm/min.

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